Dalgoun Sagyomaeul
Dalgoun Sagyomaeul
Dalgoun Sagyomaeul
It is The Dalgoun Sagyo Maeul (Sagyo village) where the moonlight blows with a clear wind.
Thank you very much for visiting the Sagyo Maeul.
ˇ°Leaving in busy life and search of a breaktime in life, Sagyo Maeulˇ±

Hello! We are Dalgoun Sagyo Maeul(Village).
here is famous nationwide as a place where you can enjoy the blue and clear lake of The Okjeong-ho,
which boasts a heavenly view, beautiful natural scenery, and various cultural experiences.
We will strive to develop more and more into a memorable village where guests want to stay away from the busy daily life of the city.

Come and experience real Korean culture at Dalgoun Sagyo Maeul,
which is filled with clean nature, healthy eco-friendly food that you can trust and eat,
unique Seonbi-Munwha(culture of classical scholars), and various rural experience programs.
From all the residents of Dalgoun Sagyo Maeul